Contract Manufacturing

We will handle it for you

Looking to contract out part of the production? We are ready with our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and the know-how of our expert team to offer highly flexible and versatile services, with the promise of on-time delivery. When you outsource to us, we take complete ownership so you can focus on areas of your business that need you more.

Cosmetics Product Contract Manufacturer - Clarion Cosmetics

Manufacturing specific
to your brand

Our specialised expertise and technology can be used to manufacture a wide variety of personal care products - creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, face wash, liquid soaps, ayurvedic creams & balms and any other personal care products you have plans for.

Packaging across sizes
and shapes

We offer a popular mix of packaging designs from sachets to tubes, jars to bulk packs and also sealing patterns across these various categories.

Filling options you can
pick from

Clarion is equipped to handle orders right from high-volume ones to trial-sized packs. Our dedicated lines can be customised to handle automatic or semi-automatic filling and assembly.

Storage and dispatch as

Finished goods are packed into cartons and boxes. Each product is stamped with a batch number for full traceability and dis-patched as per schedule.

Case Study

Ramping up production of White Petroleum Jelly

As a partner of Hindustan Unilever (HUL) for over 25 years, Clarion manufactures White Petroleum Jelly at one of its units near Chennai. HUL required the production of their bestselling SKU of Vaseline to be increased from 18 Lac units per day to 25 Lac units per day. Clarion would have to move from predominantly manual packing lines to deploying new technology and automation to achieve this.

And this came with its own challenges like layout optimisation for accommodating new machines like automated jar feeder and breadbox packing machines, conceptualised and developed jointly with local vendors by Clarion. Working closely with vendors by leveraging relationships built over the years, Clarion was able to complete the project well within the timeline and in the very first season crossed the target of 25 lac units. The Customer’s confidence in Clarion was well founded.

Clarion delivered a record peak output of 30 lac and 34 lac units per day in the following two seasons.

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Start dreaming up just about anything. Now you can have anything manufactured easily and start selling it to those in need with one of India’s leading Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers - Clarion. Here, we make a certain number of products as per the specifications provided by you and help you speed up your process of selling with online marketplaces. Now you can start manufacturing a specific variant, choose from a popular mix of packaging options, handle trial-sized orders, and store and dispatch your products by choosing a range of options with Clarion.