What keeps us consistent and current

Our strengths serve as a backbone, providing valuable support to our customer relationships. They keep our organisation grounded and agile at the same time, rising to the occasion when required and staying ahead of the curve, to serve our customers better.


We are non-compromising when it comes to customer-focused quality. This is initiated by embracing customer’s quality standards as our own and then applying stringent principles of quality management, with integrated quality systems at multiple sites. Of course each project is led by well trained and experienced quality managers. Cycles of production and quality are improved through the WCM approach targeting zero waste.

Quality commitment

All products manufactured at Clarion meet FDA regulatory requirements and testing standards. They are 100% compliant to BIS standards where applicable. Quality improvement programs and certifications are ongoing with both suppliers and customers.

Customer first

Apart from the standard development with the customer we sign off as joint custodian for the SOP and Quality certification. Quality trends and audit reports are shared with the client.

Quality control at every step

Shop floor is trained on quality requirement and is led by a Supervisor with quality targets. Incidents if any are analysed and corrective action taken immediately. All employees are committed to participate in quality led campaigns to increase sensitivity.

Designed for safety

Working with our R&D division, the products manufactured are assessed for consumer safety and operational controls are created using risk assessment studies such as HACCP.

Precautions during pandemics

Timely precautionary measures were taken during the COVID19 pandemic that kept our operations safe and ongoing. Awareness creation was given top priority and all necessary safety norms such as social distancing and wearing of protective gear were enforced strictly. This ensured smooth production of the much in demand hand sanitizers, hand washes and hand rubs to be distributed as they were the need of the hour throughout the country.

R & D

The Research and Development wing of Clarion is a highly specialised division and is leveraged continuously to aid product development. Following global standard processes, Clarion’s R&D has developed products ranging from revitalising shampoos and hair serum to shampoos, body washes, massage oils, special purpose balms, skin creams, specialized ayurvedic creams, antibacterial liquid soap and handwash, hand sanitizers and hand rubs. The division has created a professional range of products for salons too.

The process

A team of experienced cosmetic formulators work to develop technical specifications based on customer requirement. Each requirement is handled with the intensity and meticulousness of a project, supported by rich resources and latest infrastructure. Prototypes are developed for trials and the process is monitored for the first six batches. The product is then validated for intended usage and stability. Various tests are conducted to check preservative and product efficacy. During this process Clarion collaborates with reputed laboratories for technical support, chosen based on requirement of the client.

Right from sign off to delivery of the final product meeting your specification, Clarion is with you all the way.

Case Study

Specialised ayurvedic products for Europe

Indonatura, a Netherlands based company and brand owner of Naturalissmi, reached out to Clarion to develop unique Ayurvedic Specialised products to add to their range. Clarion tied up with the reputed 150 year old ayurvedic research lab, Sankunni’s to identify potential diseases that could be addressed through ayurvedic cosmetic applications. Ayurvedic solutions were identified for psoriasis, anti-ageing, anti-blemish, skin glow and skin toning and products developed based on this finding.

Work was initiated in cosmetic chemistry to design a base that can hold ayurvedic raw material without them losing their ayurvedic goodness. The products were developed and clinically tested for efficacy. Care was taken to ensure they also appealed through texture and sensory qualities such as fragrance and looks. Working with suppliers, packaging formats were developed. Artwork for packaging was created in compliance with all European regulatory requirements.

Over the course of the next year documentations were exchanged, consumer testing samples were created, toxicological assessments were conducted and we were ready for launch. Before the launch real-time stability data was shared with the brand owners. Indonatura was happy with the work and signed up with Clarion. Soon the two products, Psoracare and Anti-ageing creams were manufactured and shipped.

The product is now available in stores in Europe.

Products developed were tested for efficacy and checked for appeal of texture, fragrance and looks, before shipping.



Clarion offers multi-product, multi-variant manufacturing with a quick change over facility. Our lines can handle sample packs with as much ease as bulk production. We support customers planning for online sales as much as for mass marketing.

  • 600+

    Number of SKUs

  • 50+

    Brands Serviced

  • 50 Lines

    Bottle, Jar, Tub and Tube Filling lines

  • 60+

    Sachet filling lines

  • 7

    Manufacturing locations


We are constantly working to improve efficiencies for increased throughput and reduced environmental impact. Through research combined with on-the-job expertise, continuous improvement in process efficiencies is achieved.


With our experience, infrastructure and constantly refined processes, we strike a balance between turnaround time and quality so you get products to your specification and satisfaction, on time.

We also have the latest technology and process automation incorporated into the product mixers in our new manufacturing locations in Haridwar and Chennai.


Sachet Filling Lines


High Speed Tube Filling lines

800 - 1000upm

State of Art White Petroleum Jelly Filling Lines

4 Lines

High Tech Nail Enamel Bottle Printing

11 Lines

Nail Enamel Filling

100 - 120upm

High Speed Bottle Fillers with Auto Capping

60 - 80upm

PKB Filler with High Flexibility for Changeovers (to run different bottle sku's)


To keep critical details of our customers’ unique products private, Clarion enforces a rigorous confidentiality policy. The world’s leading brands trust us with their information and continue to be our patrons.

Project Management

Leveraging our expertise in various facets of cosmetics manufacturing we manage and monitor the product development process from concept to launch. Our working knowledge of cosmetic ingredients, raw material suppliers and formulation techniques work well for our customers. At the end of the process they have ready to market products that meet their specifications and quality standards.

Case Study

Lotus Sunrise - A new facility created for client in just 8 months!

Clarion has been a partner for over two decades with HUL, India’s largest fast moving consumer goods company. HUL enjoys a heritage of customer loyalty in the country for over 80 years. It continues to influence the lives of millions through its wide range of products of which many skincare, haircare, men’s grooming and other personal care brands are manufactured by Clarion. So when such a client required a sizeable increase in manufacturing capacity it was time to pull all stops and deliver.

And we did! In just 8 months we expanded the facility, put in additional automatic bottle, jar, tub and sachet filling lines. All supported by PLC & HMI based shampoo/cream/lotion mixers conforming to global GMP standards. Of course the success lay in the efficient management of complex tasks right from land procurement to collaboration with vendors to implementing global standards. All this without disrupting ongoing production. The integrated new plant, proudly named Lotus Sunrise, produces over 500 SKU’s for HUL servicing over 18 brands.

Success lay in the efficient management of complex tasks.