Clarion Cosmetics Company Infrastructure


Automated Multi-track Sachet filling Lines
Clarion Cosmetics
High Capacity Mixers with Process Automation
Finished Goods Storage Area with High Racks
High Capacity Detergent Storage Tanks
Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer - Clarion Cosmetics
A Flagship Manufacturing Unit of the group
Infrastructure of Clarion Cosmetics Company
Advanced & High-Speed Multi-track Sachet filling lines

Translating dreams into real-life brands.

Advanced certified facilities with stringent quality and environment control

What does it take to consistently manufacture growing volumes of sensitive personal care products ranging from baby oils to creams, shampoos to lotions and liquid washes to hand sanitizers? Apart from a never-say-die attitude it means keeping our ears to the ground to know the latest in manufacturing technologies.

Clarion’s manufacturing facilities in India are spread across Chennai, Haridwar and Navi Mumbai. All locations have a fully equipped laboratory with advanced equipment, micro labs, R & D labs and sachet, bottle, tubs, pouches, jar and tube filling lines conforming to GMP standards. Regular quality and hygiene audits ensure product safety and client satisfaction.