Hand Hygiene

The Swiftkleen range of Hand Hygiene products is yet another well-crafted, quality offering from the Clarion Group. The range is available in a wide variety of sizes from handy packs to bulk quantities. This made it possible for Clarion to reach out across India during the COVID 19 pandemic. The products include the recommended Isopropyl alcohol based Hand Sanitizers and Hand Rubs. Variants such as neem, lemon, natural and fresh are already available. Know more.

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Standing in solidarity with the world’s leaders in health and hygiene, Clarion has joined the bandwagon of front-line innovators & manufacturers by producing the Home Hygiene range, just in time for a world that fights a global health crisis. Clarion has brought to the market well-crafted, quality offerings among other leading hand sanitizer manufacturers, hand wash manufacturers, and liquid soap manufacturers, reiterating its vision to deliver high-quality products and solutions designed for holistic well-being.